We know that Texas has a long, dark history with serial killers in the past, dating back to the late 1800s. Some get captured, and some sadly stay on the loose for quite some time. If you go to TikTok, there's some speculation that perhaps there's another serial killer loose in the state. One that likes to hang around Austin's famous Lady Bird Lake.

If you've never seen Lady Bird Lake before, here are some photos

Trac Vu via Unsplash
Trac Vu via Unsplash
Trac Vu via Unsplash
Trac Vu via Unsplash

You can tell it's a beautiful lake along the Colorado River through Austin, Texas. If you look on YouTube or TikTok, you'll find many videos of people posting videos boating or fishing on the lake. But that's not the MAIN thing you'll find if you search for Lady Bird Lake...

Lady Bird Lake has a tragic history of death too

Just one search online & you'll find a STAGGERING amount of videos talking about dead bodies found in the lake. In April 15th, 2023:

In mid-2023 -- at this point, MULTIPLE bodies have been found:


Even as recently as February 5, 2024, where ANOTHER body was discovered:

It's a horrifying discovery, to say the least. At least 10 bodies have been discovered in the lake since July 14, 2022...and it appears that number is rising.

So is there a serial killer in Austin? Well of course no one knows for certain and police officers are working diligently to make sure that there ISN'T one. Of course, I have no experience in the "crime-catching" department, but I CAN say this: if you see anything suspicious, contact the local authorities immediately. And it's probably a good idea not to go to the lake alone -- you don't want to be by yourself just in case someone IS out there.

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