If you're thinking about going through your stuff and making a few hundred bucks by hosting a garage sale, it's good to know the rules so you don't give all that money back through citations and fines.

The City of Tyler says on its website, "A garage sale is a sale of personal property conducted within a residential district."

If your garage door is up on a Saturday morning and the folding tables are lined with items that you used to love but don't anymore, it's okay to draw a crowd, but it's not okay to post signs down the street, pointing people in your direction.  You can only post signs advertising the sale directly on your property, or it's a violation of Tyler's city code.

Garage sale rules in Tyler, according to the City:

-- No more than one garage sale at any home during any consecutive six-month period.

-- No garage sale can last longer than three consecutive days unless a temporary use permit is approved.

-- All signs have to go up only on the site holding the sale, and the signs can't obstruct traffic.

There are no rules about posting your sale info on social media if you don't mind people knowing your address.  And you're free to set the prices on your treasures of course, and you'll know in a hurry if you've found the sweet spot.  The things that don't move might be priced too high.

KLTV points out that the same rules apply to buyers at garage sales that apply to buyers at retail stores.  No shoplifting!  If anyone steals merchandise from a garage sale, a police report can be filed.

Summer is a great time to host a yard sale in Tyler before we get busy again with school and the fall routine.  And there's a bunch of money to be made if we do it the right way.  Hopefully, all merch will be gone in less than three days.  Good luck!

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