One of my favorite stores, Pier One Imports, has officially declared they are closing down all their stores for good. And before the coronavirus mess happened, I had JUST signed up for their Rewards Points! Ugh!

That means no more running into Pier One right before Christmas and taking pics of their table settings on my cell phone. (That's how I get inspired to decorate my dinner table for Christmas, don't you judge me!)

I guess the silver lining to this sad tale is that the liquidation deals are going to be LIT, as the kids say!

I am going to rack up on those essential oils. Wait, that makes me even sadder because I bought my very first oil diffuser from Pier One.

I am also going to check out the liquidation deals on their furniture. They have the most beautiful assortment of chairs, wicker thingies, and pillows.

We are going to miss you so much, Pier One! Don't leave me.

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