Almost everyone on this planet wants to change something about themselves, with a majority of people wanting to lose weight. And to be honest, it’s one of the most difficult things to do, especially as you get older. The most common New Year’s Eve Resolution is to lose weight, but why wait until the new year, as you could get started with your weight loss goals in December. 

When I was growing up, I was a big kid, by the time I graduated high school I was between 270-280 pounds. After my football years were over, I wanted to drop some weight and not be the fat kid anymore. But I quickly realized it’s not about eating healthy or getting more exercise, it’s about eating healthy AND getting more exercise. It truly takes a combination to create the results that will keep you committed. 

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You Don’t Have Much Time for Anything Else 

When you are truly giving it your all to lose weight you don’t have much free time for other things. It takes discipline and hard work to create the constancy needed. So, going out to happy hour multiple times a week for appetizers and half price drinks will eliminate the time you had to go to the gym.  

You CANNOT Get Discouraged 

Going to the gym once, twice, or even three times in a week are not going to create the results you want. You must be consistent to get the results you want, once you start seeing results, you will want to continue to progress. The key is not getting discouraged when you’re getting started or when you hit a plateau in your weight loss journey.  

I’m wanting to cut out desserts to just feel healthier and I don’t need to put off my progress for a month just so I can call it a new year’s resolution. So, I’m getting started on December 1st. And remember if you’re ever feeling discouraged with your weight loss journey, send me a message so I can be your cheerleader, because it’s not easy. My email is 

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