Don't worry, be happy. It's more than just lines from a song. It's the way Texans like to live. Friendly faces in all kinds of spaces. In fact, there's even a Texas town named Happy. It doesn't get much closer than that. Texans are always the first to offer up a "howdy" or a firm handshake.

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Maybe it's why so many folks are moving to the Lone Star State. There are plenty of amazing cities and opportunities not only for singles but for families starting out. Wallet Hub has listed out the happiest places to live across the United States and wouldn't you know, some Texas cities rank high on the list.

These aren't just city names picked out of a hat, there's a lot that goes into the rankings. Physical and emotional well-being, employment, income, the environment, the schools, and the community. Keep reading to see if Abilene is on the list and where it ranks.

Look: The Top 10 Happiest Cities in Texas for 2022

Although Abilene didn't make the list of happiest cities in Texas, there are plenty of areas close by that are. Mainly around the Dallas metroplex. As a whole, the state of Texas ranks 36th on Wallet Hubs list. Hawaii wins the grand prize and took the top spot as the happiest state in America.

There is a lot to be said about being happy. Studies have shown that there's a direct correlation between those who are happy and those with more satisfaction.

So, the next time you hear the phrase, Don't worry, be happy, take it to heart and know that Texas is one happy state. Did you know these famous folks and celebrities soak up the happiness in Texas too? Keep scrolling to see how many you recognize.

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