When it comes to jelly, I'm a strawberry guy. Nothing against grape jelly, it's good, but out the two in front of me and I'll pick strawberry. However, learning that there is Dr. Pepper flavored jelly makes me rethink that decision. This sounds great. Plus you can watch the above video and know how to make it.

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wideopencountry.com gives us some step by step instructions on what to do to make some, too.

  1. Start with 4 cups of Dr. Pepper poured into a pot.
  2. Bring the pot to a rolling boil for five minutes.
  3. Remove and stir in one pack of Sure-Jell.
  4. Add 4 cups of sugar to the pot.
  5. Bring the pot back to boiling for two minutes.
  6. While the jelly is boiling, submerge your jars in a pot of hot (not boiling) water and put on the stove to keep warm. Do the same for the jar lids.
  7. After two minutes of boiling, remove the jelly from the stove, let it cool slightly then pouring into your jars.
  8. Submerge the sealed jars back into the hot water and bring to a boil.

There you have it, Dr. Pepper jelly to try tomorrow morning on your biscuit or toast. And apparently you can do this with other sodas, too. I can certainly see a Big Red jelly being really good. Maybe a root beer jelly? Okay, that might be taking it a little too far.

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