Next time you decide to pour a glass of red for yourself, you can include your feline friend as well. That's right companies are producing wine for your pets, and two companies have teamed up to declare this week as National Drink Wine with your Cat Week. Why not?

As Sunday was national Drink Wine Day, and Tuesday was National Love your Pet Day, two sites decided they should team up and declare this week a holiday, too and give you discounts on their products. Now this is a holiday for the sake of marketing.

If you're a cat lover like me, then you might not care that this made up holiday is a marketing angle, it's drawing attention to a fun new way to interact and relax with with your pet. The wine you pour for your feline is designed for them. It's non-alcoholic and made with catnip to offer kitty a natural high.

I know our kitty loves her catnip. We may just have to try this with her.

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