I have a feeling that this year we're going to be seeing more and more Christmas lights in our neighborhoods and on our store fronts.

As I predict more lights from our neighborhoods, I do believe we'll also be turning to the many East Texas drive thru Christmas light parks to help us feel good this Christmas season too. The light parks feature millions of little light bulbs coming together to create some spectacular images. Whether those lights are static, twinkling randomly or blinking in unison, they are going to catch our attention and have us mesmerized if only for a moment.

It's an annual tradition for many East Texas families to visit one, if not all, of these parks while sipping on hot chocolate in the car while the Christmas tunes play on the radio. Each park is unique in its own way. One light park will display nothing but scenes created out of thousands of lights, while another will feature painted scenes with cut-out figures while another will feature a combination of both styles. It doesn't matter which style of park you prefer, they are all beautiful under the dark East Texas sky.

Many of these local parks came in to existence as just family light displays that eventually grew over time!

You can start a family tradition by visiting one of these parks and then do it next year too! Plus, if you've got friends and family in for the Christmas holidays, these parks are a great place to visit with them!

East Texas Drive Thru Christmas Light Parks

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