My daughters went to the Lonesome Dove Safari this past week and they absolutely loved it.

If you're like me, you have restless kiddos these days. Who can blame them? Their school year was cut short, or their normal schedule was drastically changed. Seemingly overnight, the things they love to enjoy with you closed, and it's awfully tough to explain to the little ones exactly what is going on. In an instant, no more friends, no more restaurants, no more movies, no more being a kid getting ready to wrap the school year up.

My daughters have handled this COVID-19 craziness like two little champs, but I know they are ready for things to get back to normal. If you're in the same boat I'm in, and you're constantly looking for activities to enjoy with the little ones, I've got a great trip that I know they will love.

This week, my mother took both of my daughters over to Jefferson, Texas. The drive itself wasn't that bad, with only about an hour's worth of drive time. Once there, she took River and Rosie to a drive-thru safari. The place is called Lonesome Dove Safari, and my kids have not stopped talking about it since returning to town. The animals simply walk up to your car as you drive through, and you can feed them if they are hungry. My mom did recommend going earlier in the day, so more of the animals are hungry and will be willing to walk right up to you.

If you have little ones and wouldn't mind an hour drive to Jefferson, you can't go wrong with Lonesome Dove Safari!

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