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Nearly anyone in Longview or Tyler will agree that we are an 'eat out' kind of city. We have our favorites that we go to all the time, but those favorites don't always last.

The joke is that there's a bank on every corner of East Texas and the same could be true for restaurants, they're everywhere. Unfortunately though they don't all survive. At one point in time the restaurant that failed, for some reason or another, was either your favorite or someone in your circle of friends' favorite and then at that point someone was left feeling devastated.

If you could bring back one defunct restaurant from the past and return it to its' glory days, what would it be?

We asked that question on our social media pages and you responded. Y'all are pretty passionate when it comes to closed down restaurants. Since I didn't respond on our social media accounts, I'll let you know that the restaurant I miss was gone before I moved to Tyler. There was one in Longview and there was one near Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington as well as the metroplex and I'd like to see Pancho's Mexican Buffet return to its glory days so that I could 'Raise The Flag' one more time! Judging from the responses I'm not the only one feeling the nostalgia of doing that one more time!

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