An excellent way to get into the Christmas spirit is by attending a Christmas Parade! East Texas communities are preparing for their annual event right now and are getting things ready to for Santa's big appearance in most of these parades. If we've left off your city's Christmas parade, we apologize, but feel free to post the details in the comment section below this article.

Here's a list of East Texas Christmas parades by date:

November 29th
Jefferson @ 6p

December 1st
White Oak @ 6:30p
Gladewater @ 6p
Bullard @ 6p

December 2nd
Kilgore @ 6:30p

December 4th
Tyler @ 6:00p
Longview @ 6:30p
Jacksonville @ 6p

December 5th
Sulphur Springs @ 5:30p

December 6th
Mineola @ 5:30p
Whitehouse @ 6p
Lindale @ 5:15p
Palestine @ 7p
Athens @ 6:30p
Henderson @ 2p

Here's the list by city:

Athens - December 6th @ 6:30p
Bullard - December 1st @ 6p
Gladewater - December 1st @ 6p
Henderson - December 6th @ 2p
Jacksonville - December 4th @ 6p
Jefferson - November 29th @ 6p
Kilgore - December 2nd @ 6:30p
Lindale - December 6th @ 5:15p
Longview - December 4th @ 6:30p
Mineola - December 6th @ 5:30p
Palestine - December 6th @ 6:30p
Sulphur Springs - December 5th @ 5:30p
Tyler - December 4th @ 6:00p
Whitehouse - December 6th @ 6p
White Oak - December 1st @ 6:30p