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A tradition dating back to 1987 continued in downtown Tyler last night (December 1st) with the lighting of the City of Tyler's Christmas tree by the newly named 2023 Children's Miracle Network 'Miracle Child' at the conclusion of the annual city Christmas parade.

Before the big event took place, thousands of people lined the streets of downtown and the square to watch marching bands, drill teams, civic groups, fire trucks and police cars, and even our radio stations drive by and wish everyone a Merry Christmas before catching a glimpse of Santa Claus at the end of the parade! Afterward attention was turned to the square to light the city's Christmas tree.

2023 Children's Miracle Network Miracle Child

The honor of lighting the tree fell upon 4-year-old Hannah Harlow this year. She continued the tradition of a CMN Miracle Child lighting the city's tree. Once she flipped the switch applause broke out along with some holiday cheer! CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital has been a Children's Miracle Network Hospital since 1987 and this tradition began right after the affiliation with CMN.

Hannah Harlow will represent East Texas as the 2023 Children's Miracle Network Miracle Child and she, along with the help of her parents, will be CMN Ambassador throughout the year.

Let's Get To Know Hannah Harlow

Although Hannah appeared to be a healthy baby, even at a young age she was always in pain. Hannah would cry constantly if she wasn’t being held. Walking or even standing was extremely painful.

During a routine doctor appointment, her pediatrician immediately knew something wasn’t right and referred Hannah to a pediatric endocrinologist in the CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic. Ironically the only specialist available in the area, Dr. Ana Gutierrez Alvarez, had just completed a yearlong study on a rare and difficult to diagnose genetic condition called X-Linked Hypophosphatemic (XLH) Rickets. Hannah was one of her first patients.

At the age of two, Hannah was diagnosed with XLH Rickets, a condition in which the body doesn’t produce or retain phosphorous. Without phosphorous, bones do not harden, so they are brittle and can easily break. Left untreated, children with XLH Rickets live in constant pain, have stunted growth and lifelong struggles with bone breakage and impaired mobility. Due to brittle bones, children have to be very careful, limiting physical activities and even play.

Although there is no cure for XLH Rickets, Hannah’s endocrinologist Dr. Alvarez began progressive treatment with hopes to slow and possibly even reverse her symptoms. Within just a few months, Hannah began to walk, jump and even run! Recent x-rays show the bones in her legs have completely healed and she has caught up with the growth chart. At four years old, there is nothing she can’t do. Hannah is in tumbling, dance and loves dressing up in fancy dresses. Best of all, she is finally back to just being a kid!

Mix 93-1 is proud to be a partner and supporter of the Children's Miracle Network right here in East Texas. Thanks to generous donors, we help bring life-saving equipment and training to East Texas through our annual Mix With Kids Children's Miracle Network Radiothon. The need is always there and you may support CMN and donate funds at any time.

We look forward to seeing more from Hannah Harlow throughout 2023!

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