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You probably won't be shocked by this, but there are award winning mullets in East Texas.

Well, "East Texas" by the definition of those in Louisiana and Arkansas might be stretched for this one, but we're open to the regional reach to claim this kid. He's from Celeste, Texas, which is in Hunt County. It's almost to the Dallas metro area, but for the sake of claiming this beautiful mullet, we're reaching over to gloss him with "East Texas".

His name is Jax Crossland, he's 8-years-old, and he has one of the best mullets in America...and that's not a stretch, that's a fact.

Jax won the 2020 Kids USA Mullet Competition with his lush flow. With that, he scored $500 cash, and a big prize package (that is posted above). The competition had more than 20,000 votes, and Jax beat more than 100 other mullets.

In addition to winning, Jax is becoming a local celebrity. He's letting his locks fly under his helmet on the football field, getting name-checked on national TV, and has his own social media following.

We just want to say congrats to Jax, and keep that pretty thing neat, and keep letting that super flow bring smiles to faces everywhere. Because in 2020, we need all the smiles we can get. Especially if its on the shoulders, and neck, of this kid.

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