This is the day that all East Texans can help out non-profit organizations on this special day of giving! East Texas Giving Day is 18 hours of non-profits receiving monetary gifts from anonymous and non-anonymous donors that allow organizations of all kinds to receive funding that they need to help others year round. East Texas Giving Day encompasses organizations across 32 counties within East Texas and cover organizations from diabetes care, animal shelters, cancer research, children's discovery museums, boy scouts, veterans care, hospice, historical societies, education, music, nutrition programs and more.

You can give to any of approximately 270 non-profit organizations that have been established to receive assistance from the East Texas Communities Foundation and help change lives in your community and others throughout East Texas.

Minimum donations of twenty dollars can be made securely through the Day Of Giving website from now until midnight tonight. Together we all can come together to help these organizations receive the funding they need so that they may continue their mission to help other East Texans.

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