Another arctic cold front will be moving through East Texas late this afternoon bringing with it much colder air, wind and the chance of snow! KLTV 7 Meteorologist Cedric Haynes says there's a 40% chance of seeing snow flurries as early as this evening and throughout the day Friday with some accumulations. The heaviest of the 'snow showers' is expected in the northern counties of East Texas and along the I-30 corridor, but flurries could be seen along the I-20 corridor down through Tyler throughout the day on Friday.

This event will be short lived as skies are expected to clear Friday night as temperatures drop down to the teens early Saturday morning!


So, for most of us, don't get your hopes up about school closings or worrying about brushing up on your snowman building skills, this is going to be a quick moving storm that'll just tease you! However, you can cross your fingers if you want for a school closing or two! And if there's an inch accumulation along the northern counties, I'm sure you'll see miniature snowmen being built and on your Facebook feeds too!

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