With the polar vortex about to unleash all kinds of cold upon us, it's that time to remember the four P's of extreme cold weather.

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An arctic blast is on its way to East Texas. Our temperatures will be plunging down below freezing and staying that way for several days thanks to our third cold front this week. The front that will be responsible for our dropping temperatures is coming all the way from the north pole and bringing with it some of the coldest weather we've seen and experienced in quite a while.

That front is expected to move through East Texas on Saturday and once we go below freezing Saturday night, we will not see thirty two degrees until sometime Tuesday, although some will see right around freezing on Sunday. With all this cold weather moving in, it's time think about the four P's of cold weather:

  • People
  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Pipes

These are the four things that we need to be protecting during this cold weather event.


We need to check on our neighbors, especially our elderly neighbors. We need to make sure they have all their comforts, plenty of food and to make sure their heat is working properly. If they were to lose power for some reason they need be able to call someone, maybe you, for assistance until the power is restored.


Your pets need some place really warm. Being outside in temperatures this extreme isn't good for your pet or even livestock for that matter. If, they can't be brought in, they'll need access to some form of shelter so that they may escape the wind and elements. They'll need warm bedding to lay on and plenty of fresh water. If it becomes frozen, refill the bowl with fresh water. They're affected by extreme cold temperatures just like you are.


If you have any plants on your patio, front or back porch, you'll want to bring them inside for the next few days. If that's not possible, place them in a garage or at least cover them with a blanket to kind of protect their fragile leaves and flowers from the weather.


If you have exposed pipes or water faucets on the exterior of your home, you'll want to make sure they're wrapped up and properly insulated because if not you could be in for a rude awakening along with a hefty bill from the plumber when they come fix the busted pipe that froze.

Remembering the four P's of cold weather preparation could help save lives, plants and property too.

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