They're on the air doing their best to sell us a car each and every day.  We hear from them a lot near the end of the month, I'm talking about car dealer pitch men/women.  Some are plain, some are loud and some are very creative at getting our attention.  I've come up with a quick list of the most notable dealers in East Texas along with their catch phrases!  See if your favorites or most disliked made my list after the jump!

Let me know who your favorite is and if I've left any off, please let me know!

  • Tom Wallace

    Hyundai Of Longview - Longview

    Tom's signature line is, "You pick it out and we'll work it out!" Tom reminds me of Uncle Sam because in his commercials he points at the tv screen and makes you feel like it's your car and he's gonna get you in it.

  • Dean Cagle

    Peltier Chevrolet and Peltier Nissan - Tyler

    "Desperate Dean Cagle here..." When you hear Dean you hear the urgency in his voice and if you don't act now you're gonna miss out on a great car at a great price. Dean we know that you'll keep us rollin' too!

  • Kristen Dow carver

    Dow Autoplex - Mineola

    Kristen gives us the line "Where seeing green is saving green." Kristen has been the spokesperson for the dealership for quite a while and we've grown up with her over the years.

  • David Erwin

    Tyler Ford - Tyler

    "We are driving happiness" is the phrase that David Erwin delivers and he takes a rather unique and interesting approach to his commercials. He pokes at the other dealerships (which is interesting). Keep up the competition David.

  • Kik

    Toyota of Longview

    Kik is rather new on the scene for Toyota of Longview where she's "Kickin' high prices!"

  • Jack King

    Crown Kia - Tyler and Longview

    Jack King is one of the most memorable in East Texas where his phrase used to be in "Downtown Tyler", but that ended when he sold the Chevy dealership and now focuses on his Kia line and has adopted the "Your low overhead dealer" phrase. You either love or hate his commercials but you immediately recognize them when you hear them.

  • Henry Lewis

    Lewis Chevrolet - Canton

    "I'll meet you at 2 in the morning if I know you're coming" is how Henry Lewis ends every one of his commercials both on tv and radio. His dealership is in Canton and I've often wondered if anyone has ever taken him up on his offer. I wonder if there's a bank open that early/late to approve a loan!

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