It's bad enough we have the blistering heat, but we also have the drought too!  Lots of us have to keep track of when and how to water.  Stage 1, 2 and 3 are in effect for many of us in East Texas.  You can see it contains some new ways to water for rural Lindale!  Here's the very latest after the jump!

Released from Cross Roads Special Utility District

Due to the unreasonably hot and dry conditions this summer, Cross Roads Special Utility District is announcing the initiation of Stage III of the Drought Contingency Plan effective immediately. We need to reduce the demand for water. The aquifer's water level has dropped low enough that our well pumps are not able to pump full capacity in order to keep up with the current demand. We are asking all customers to cease outside watering and any unessential water usage until the conditions change.

Call the office at 903-984-8014 if you have any questions.

Also, the following communities and cities are under some type of water restrictions:

Bullard - Drought Contingency Plan - Stage 2
Hawkins - Drought Contingency Plan - Stage 2
Gladewater - Drought Contingency Plan - Stage 2
Warren City - Drought Contingency Plan - Stage 2 - due to the fact that Warren City purchases its water from Gladewater
Gilmer - Drought Contingency Plan - stage 1
Big Sandy - No watering at all on Mondays. Even addresses can water Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday. Odd address can water Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays
Lindale - Residents under "Lindale Rural" are under water restriction

We'll continue to keep you updated as we get new alerts in.