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I am envious of those homeowners that have a lush green lawns. Driving by their home as they show off that perfectly manicured lawn, I just want to take my shoes off and walk through it and then go up to them and ask them their secret because I strive to have a yard like that. I try everything, watering, mowing, and fertilizing, and still don't get those results, but I digress.

Residents in Bullard, Texas may have a hard time this year achieving that perfect lush green lawn this summer because the city is now under water restrictions.

East Texas hasn't seen enough measurable rainfall over the past month or so and is again creeping back into drought territory. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, all of East Texas is abnormally dry with many western and central counties climbing into the moderate drought category. In the moderate drought category, it is recommended to voluntarily request water restrictions, because water supplies are starting to see signs of depletion.

U.S. Drought Monitor
U.S. Drought Monitor

Seeing how Bullard and the northern portion of Cherokee County are in the moderate drought category, the City Of Bullard has enacted its Stage 1 Water Conservation plan and has placed restrictions on outdoor watering within the city limits.

Residents may water their lawns and outdoor plants according to the following:

EVEN numbered addresses are permitted to water outside only

  • Sunday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday

ODD numbered addresses are permitted to water outside only

  • Saturday
  • Monday
  • Wednesday

Outdoor watering of any kind is prohibited on Friday. Violation of the Stage 1 Water Conservation plan could result in a fine of not less than $100 or more than $500 while the ordinance is in place. This notice to residents went into effect Monday, June 20, 2022.

So those lush green lawns, might not be as lush and green as homeowners would like them to be in Bullard this summer. For the rest of East Texas, we need to do what we can to conserve water because it could get worse as the summer goes on, after all, this is only mid-June and summer begins tomorrow, July 21st.

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