Ed Sheeran fans we are about to get a glimpse behind the curtain with 'Songwriter,' a documentary film about the artist filmed by his cousin, Murray Cummings.

If you're a fan of Sheeran's then you know that he is a voracious songwriter. Most of the songs that he writes aren't ever heard outside of his inner circle. He has talked in previous interviews about weeding out the bad ideas to get to the good ones.

This film, created by his cousin Murray, is set to illustrate the process. If you've always wondered how a song comes together with music, lyrics, rhythm and more this will be your look behind the scenes and into the mind of a lyrical genius.

The film will be available via AppleMusic on Aug. 28. It looks like that free trial I've been waiting to engage will finally be put to good use. I'll need to mark that date on my calendar!

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