A new Nielsen survey says most kids age 6-12 want an iPad most of all this Christmas. Most adults would probably rather have that than a new sweater too.

The new Nintendo Wii U comes in second on most wish lists, and then the iPod Touch and iPad Mini.

The price range on those gifts is $199 for the iPod Mini, to $499 for the new iPad. There are reports that most households spend on average, between $500 and $700 on Christmas gifts. If you buy a couple of the hot electronics, you're already there!

Stores are getting ready to drop the ropes on the Christmas shopping season and let the crowds through tonight and tomorrow. We'll list some of the opening times to help you plan your strategy.

Toys “R” Us, 414 East Southeast Loop 323, plans to open at 8 p.m. tonight.

Wal-Mart joins Toys "R" Us with the early 8 p.m. opening. Some sales will happen right away, while other deals will wait a few hours.

Kohls and Best Buy officially open at 12:01am Friday. So midnight tonight.

And for the first time, Broadway Square Mall opens at Midnight tonight. They'll even have refreshments at the guest services counter so you'll be able to round up the energy to shop all night.

Academy opens at 5am Friday, and JcPenney at 6am.

It's a mad rush this weekend with pressure to find the best deals and get to the stores before they sell out of the item you want. But in two years, will you really remember what you gave for Christmas or got for Christmas in 2012?

Heck yeah?! Next year we may be buying new versions of the iPads and iPods. Happy shopping.