Rihanna tops the ELLE music issue, but several beautiful and talented women are also featured, like Skrillex‘s lady love Ellie Goulding. Goulding had the distinct honor of performing at the reception of the Royal Wedding last April, and since her name so similar to the magazine in which she is being featured, it makes total sense for ELLE to include her in its celebration of sounds, which she shared on her Facebook page.

Goulding is featured from the neck up, wearing a hoodie-veil hybrid, her gaze averted from the camera. The white eyeliner brightens up her eyes, too, since it is a contrast against her irises. The pale, ballerina-pink lipstick is also a nice touch, too.

She looks soft, concealed and totally sweet, with her blond, scene girl bangs swept to the side. We totally want to add one of those hoodie veil type head pieces to our wardrobe, thank you very much.

If you are not super familiar with Goulding, well, consider the fact that the hottest DJ in EDM is down with her; the monarchy of her native England liked her enough to have her perform at one of their weddings; and ELLE featured her. She’s aces in our book, too.

Her first album, ‘Lights,’ was U.K.’s biggest and fastest-selling debut album of 2010. Now, she told Elle she is working on the follow up, with which will be centered on the vocals and “a lot more raw,” according to the singer. Goulding also said, “Everything came so quickly the first time around, I think I found it hard to deal with. Now I’m ready to smash it.” Smash away, Ellie. Smash away!