Dear Basic Bishes,

It is with great joy I announce that it is perfectly okay to yell "It's fall y'all!". Does anything matter anymore? Pronounce pecan the way you want to, no one should correct you. It's 2020, we have absolutely 0 rules, with the exception of the masks of course.

It is our time to wear our basic scarves with pride. Yes, we may be sweating, there is no chance that we will be able to wear that scarf and be comfortable until maybe January. Although we may not be able to look like the folks in the East Coast that are going to be easing into colder weather in October, we can still enjoy our pumpkin-spiced deliciousness with dignity.

Thankfully for the south, Starbucks knows that we need ice with our seasonal favorites. Why am I telling you all of this? It's time for us to be happy. Your happiness matters, if a pumpkin spiced latte gets your heart pumping, well then, jump for joy. Be the happiest person during this pandemic. What are you doing to feel happy? I had the Pumpkin Spiced Cold Brew and for a quick drive home, I was happier than I have been since the pandemic hit. Get your pumpkin on, be happy. Just make sure you don't sweat order your drink iced.


Happy Pumpkin Drinker!



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