Many of us have had dreams of living in a castle like a king or queen. Many of us have wanted to travel overseas just to see and tour a real castle. Thanks to Airbnb, you won't have to travel far to live out that dream of being a king or queen. This Bavarian style castle is nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with a view that goes for miles and can make memories for years to come.

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This castle sits northwest of Austin in Burnet County and not far from the bank of the Colorado River. Here, you and your significant other can rule as king and queen over your fourteen subjects. There are a total of six bedrooms that will comfortably accommodate your loyal followers. Outside you will be able to roam your land full of animals like deer and roadrunners or have the rarer sight of a hawk or ringtail cat.

Inside your royal stay is plenty to entertain. Personally, I like the game room featuring a 2 hoop basketball game, Arcade1Up mini arcade machine and XBox gaming system. Bring your own pool cue and take in a billiards game or two on the elegant pool table.

As you would expect with a castle, its not cheap at just over $2,000 a night. But split that cost up amongst you and fifteen of your friends and its a very affordable $127.50 a night per person. The great thing about this Airbnb is it's high rating as well, a 4.81 out of five stars.

There you go, find your best looking crown and tiara and spend a weekend or a week ruling as king and queen at this castle in the heart of our great state of Texas. Find out more details and how to book it at

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