Temperatures are again on the rise in Texas and that has led ERCOT to issue a "Weather Watch" for Wednesday, May 8.

These type of watches are ones we will probably see a lot of during the next few months as temperatures get into the 90's and above and more people run their air conditioners for longer periods of time. In fact, back in April, ERCOT already had to make plans to advert a power emergency.

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ERCOT took to social media today to stress that the grid looks fine, but due to unseasonably high temperatures expected across Texas plus high levels of maintenance outages will lead to the potential for lower reserves.

Again, the good news is that the grid is expected to be fine. You can actually monitor conditions on ERCOT's website.

On April 26, ERCOT also warned new artificial intelligence data centers, bitcoin miners, and large-scale industrial users in the Permian Basin could also lead to a strained grid during the summer months.

Despite the warnings, ERCOT officials believe that the grid should be fine this summer. Still, ERCOT officials along with elected officials and citizens will be monitoring the grid to see what more needs to be done as power consumption continues to rise in Texas.

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