Severe weather season has arrived in Texas and when it comes to storms, and lightning in particular, there are some things that we hear about as kids that later on we wonder is that really true?

One popular phrase when it comes to lightning is, "lightning never strikes the same place twice". No doubt you've heard that phrase before, but as nice of a saying it is, it's false. Lightening does, often, hit the same place twice. You've probably also heard that a car is safe because of the rubber tires. That's also false for the most part. Your car is safe, but not because of the tires. The metal roof and sides is what helps protect the vehicle.

Is It Safe To Shower During A Thunderstorm?

So what about taking a shower? Is it really that unsafe to shower while lightening is in the area? Have people actually been injured from this?

This may come as a surprise, but the experts say that showering or bathing during a thunderstorm is a bad idea.

According to, it's all about your pipes. Most household plumbing systems have metal pipes and lightning can absolutely strike these pipes and since water is a conductor of electricity, showering, washing dishes, or just washing your hands could lead to a lightening strike. That's if the lightning bolt strikes and finds what you are doing the path of least resistance.

Have People Been Hit By Lightning Inside the Home While Showering or Washing Dishes?

Again, this may shock you. According to, the answer is, yes. Each year 10-20 people in the United States sustain injuries from lightening strikes while inside the home and interacting with household water.

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So while it's rare, you can actually be hit by lightning while taking a shower or doing dishes.

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