Yes, you are reading that headline correctly.

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office shared a post Tuesday afternoon asking for help locating a stolen family tractor. Here's the details, according to the authorities...

A couple agreed to sell the family tractor and equipment and split the proceeds as part of their divorce settlement. The sale goes through without any issues, or so everyone thought.

However, six weeks later the woman, who remains unidentified, went to the Edgewood area in Van Zandt County and stole that same tractor and equipment because she was mad at how the man handled the sale.

Now comes the interesting part...

The woman has been arrested but refuses to tell authorities where she hid the equipment! An investigation and information indicates:

the tractor was moved within the last month to a location near a busier roadway in an effort by the woman to sell the tractor and implements. The woman does not have the ability to move the stolen tractor or implements, as she had no truck or trailer. As a result the woman had to have assistance. It is probable she has lied to the person(s) helping her. The tractor and implements have been enter as stolen in the computer system, anyone discovered in possession of stolen property could be charged with a crime.

The items authorities are looking for are a John Deere 4105 tractor with loader and implements; however, there is no photo available of the actual stolen items. Here is a similar picture from

Compact Utility Tractor from
Credit: John Deere.

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information on where these items are located to call them at  903-567-4133 ext. 473, CID Property Crimes Unit.

Here is the post in full:

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