Audibel was built on the mutual agreement of trust, honor, integrity and hard work. Their nationwide network is something Audibel takes pride in, and as the network continues to grow and strengthen, every individual will see a commitment to premium service and care. It’s not just Audibel; it’s a way of life. The Platinum Promise is a result of a collaborated effort to ensure Audibel provides premium customer care across the country. It’s their way of delivering peace of mind to every person who seeks their help — by letting them know that Audibel is dedicated to setting the industry standard of what patient care really means, and that they can expect American Hearing Excellence no matter which Audibel office they visit anywhere in the country. Every member in the Audibel network is committed to the standards set forth in the Platinum Promise and truly believes
in the value this brings to the network, the practices and most important, the patients.

Audibel provides:

1. Comprehensive Evaluation
Recommend a treatment plan that is unique to you and designed to
meet your needs.

2. Recommend only what needs recommending
Make sure that you understand what steps will be taken on your journey to
better hearing and what the realistic outcomes are of those steps.

3. A clear understanding of the journey and the results
Verify that the hearing instruments and any accessories that go with
them are working and provide the benefit that you need. This verification
may be done through several clinically accepted tools such as Real Ear
Measurement, Speech Mapping or Sound Field Verification.

4. Seeing and hearing the benefit
Work with you to create a long-term treatment plan, defining follow-up
appointments, regular ongoing evaluations and any additional care that
you may need to make sure you stay satisfied with your hearing in the
years to come.

5. Treatment is more than just an office visit
When you work with Audibel, you are working not only with your local
hearing healthcare professional, but also the national network that will
honor the warranty, support and service guarantees on all Audibel products.

6. In warranty for one, in warranty for all
All Audibel products will receive free cleanings and testing for their lifetime.