The rattled city of Boston and a horrified nation are still looking for answers after two explosions killed three people and injured more than 100 others Monday afternoon near the finish line of the renowned Boston Marathon.

Injured spectators were being carried Monday to the medical tent that had been set up to care for fatigued runners. Police wove through competitors as they ran back toward the course.

About three hours after the winners crossed the line, there was a loud explosion on the north side of Boylston Street, just before the photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion rocked the street just 12 seconds later.

One of the confirmed dead was 8-year-old Martin Richard, who was waiting with his mother and sister on his father to finish the 26.2-mile race. Martin's sister and mother were both seriously wounded and are still hospitalized.

Martin is the only publicly released name of the deceased at this point.

Police reportedly also found two other explosive devices but were able to disarm them. The two explosions were reportedly heard from inside the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel.

When speaking to reporters shortly after the incident, President Barack Obama said, “We still do not know who did this or why. And people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. But make no mistake. we will get to the bottom of this ... Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”

No arrests have been made at this time. Police did speak with a person of interest -- a Saudi national tackled by a bystander after he was seen running from the explosion. He is reported to have cooperated with the police and FBI and was determined to not have been involved in the explosions.

We will update with more information as it becomes available.

Josh Cox, Twitter
Josh Cox, Twitter

Here is raw video of the explosions happening near the finish line.



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