Has anyone else been experiencing trouble logging into your Facebook and Instagram accounts this morning in the Longview and Tyler, Texas area?

If so, you're not alone.

At about 9:30 am I was trying to log in to Facebook and was greeted with

'Session expired. Please log in again."

I started to be concerned when despite my attempts to log in and double-check the password, I was unable to do so. I tried to reset my password and it wouldn't let me. At first, I thought it was my phone and tried to log in on my laptop.


My next thought is perhaps my accounts were hacked and started doing some research.

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While I was relieved to find out it was a personal hack, I was equally alarmed to see that people all over the country started reporting these issues. I went to Down Detector and saw the giant red spike indicating the rush of issues reported right around...well, 9:30. Although, the issues looked to have begun closer to 9 A.M.

According to CBS 19, "outage tracker Downdetector.com, more than 350,000 reports of problems with Facebook have been reported."

I went over to open my X account, formerly known as Twitter and saw that people all over the WORLD are having the same issues.

Instagram and Threads are also affected right now, along with Facebook. The three social media platforms are owned by Meta. They are aware of the issue, according to the Meta public resource website.

More details to follow as we receive updates.

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