We've Been Hearing About Companies Moving To Texas, But A Long Time Texas Founded Company Could Be Moving Out.

Six Flags gets its name from the six flags that flew over Texas throughout the states history and since its founding in Arlington, the company has expanded beyond the Lone Star state.

Now with over 30 properties all across the country, the company is preparing to merge with another big theme park company and it could mean farewell for Six Flags IN Texas.

Six Flags is preparing to merge with competing amusement park giant Cedar Fair.

Cedar Fair
Cedar Fair

We told you about Cedar Fair before. They own both of the Schlitterbahn water parks in Texas and they also have an awesome "All Parks Passport" which is a season pass that gets you into all of its parks.

According to SA.com, shareholders overwhelmingly voted “yes” for approving the merger between Six Flags and Cedar Fair which would involve the Arlington-based company keeping the Six Flags name but moving its headquarters to Charlotte, N.C..

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The two companies anticipate the deal to close in the first half of 2024.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There's a reason why we put "could" in the headline because the merger still has a few obstacles to overcome.

Antitrust regulators with the U.S. Department of Justice have been reviewing the case and some Cedar Fair shareholders have come out against the plan, noting that only Six Flags shareholders get a vote on the deal with some organizing a plan to delay or stop the merger all together.

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