Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us and I will be the first (or 50,000th) to admit that I love them! They are my weakness, like Kryptonite is to Superman or Popeye without his spinach. Just a few weeks ago I was out shopping and I saw a Girl Scout Cookie set up and just like that I was out $10.

Chron reports of a very cute father-daughter team that came up with a very creative way of selling Girl Scout Cookies. With a little help from Childish Gambino’s hit single Redbone, they came up with a cute song to inspire you to buy some Girl Scout Cookies.

The lyrics go something like this:

Thin mints

You wanna order some before it’s too late

We also got Trefoils and they taste great

Tagalongs will make you feel fine

Just give her all my money!  I love the way dad is sporting his Black Panther tee shirt and adding his vocals in the mix, but nevertheless this singing duo got social media buzzing with their sales pitch and gained over 58,000 shares and 2 million views.

So, the moral of this story is pretty simple. Buy some Girl Scout Cookies or you just may end up in the ‘sunken place!’

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