It seems like every new week here in Texas brings another new scam that we need to be aware of, so we don’t become a victim. It’s just so ridiculous that so many people are trying so hard to scam people out of their hard-earned money instead of just going to work and earning their money like everyone else. It’s disheartening and horrible, but there are some people that make bad choices and even the FBI is warning people to not fall for this latest scam. 

Texas FBI Scam Alert

This new scam is called Smishing which is a social engineered attack on someone using fake text messages to get them to download something or share information that scammers can then use to scam you. It’s a disgusting act but technology is making it easier than ever before, I’ve even heard reports of scammers using AI to help scam more people.  

What is the New Toll Road Scam in Texas? 

Scammers are now sending out text messages about toll bills being unpaid here in Texas. Again, these messages are a scam, do not click on them, do not attempt to pay them any money. They will threaten you will late charges but remember this is a scam.

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What Do You Do If You’ve Been Targeted? 

Law enforcement is asking anyone who has become a victim of this new toll road scam to report it immediately to or by calling them directly at 866-468-9824. Don’t be ashamed if you were scammed, let’s work together and shut these scammers down as quickly as possible.  

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