Texas landscapes can't be beat, so it's no surprise that one of AMC's most popular television shows is filming on location in Round Rock.

According to a report from the City of Round Rock, spinoff television series, Fear the Walking Dead, is filming in Round Rock today.

Due to filming, there will be road closures at Chisholm Trail Road between Old Settlers Boulevard and US 79. The City of Round Rock expects only minor delays. Detours have been marked and a you can find a map below if your commute takes you that way.

Map Courtesy of the City of Round Rock, Press Release
Map Courtesy of the City of Round Rock, Press Release

The show has a history of filming in Round Rock, as Dell Diamond served as the set for season 4 of the hit show. Currently the show is in it's 6th season, and it seems like the directors just could not get enough of Central Texas.

Perhaps Texas landscapes just inspire and mesh with the post-apocalyptic theme of the show? I can't lie, I've definitely felt that vibe in Texas too.

The closures began at 7 AM and will end at 9 PM. The crew couldn't have picked a better day to film because the weather forecast looks great! Today in Round Rock you can expect sunny skies and a high of 67 and a low of 43 degrees.

Definitely beats trying to film in full costume and makeup during the Texas summer heat!

A Twitter post from the show's executive producer, Scott Gimple, states that you can expect season 6 to return this year on April 11. Gimple promises, "full intensity with shocks, scares, heartbreaks, and revelations."

So if you run into a zombie today in Round Rock, don't fret, it's most likely just a member of production.

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