With all of the negative headlines swirling around us lately, it is so wonderfully encouraging to read stories like this one about Lt. Madeline G. Swegle. She received her "Wings of Gold" last Friday for her achievement and for breaking through not just sound barriers but historic ones, as well.

Swegle receiving her "Wings of Gold" last Friday.

Say hello to the first tactical jet pilot in the United States Navy. Lt. Swegle spoke about this well- deserved honor, saying:

It would've been nice to see someone who looked like me in this role; I never intended to be the first. I hope it's encouraging to other people.

Swegle knew she wanted to become a pilot ever since she was a little girl. Having supportive parents definitely contributed to her aspirations. CBS News reports her parents made it very clear to her that she could become whoever she wanted to be, even taking her to see the famed Blue Angels.

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She was immediately smitten, particularly loving the speed of the jets, and she set her sights on becoming a jet pilot. She completed her three years of training at the naval academy, which she described as "daunting" but also thrilling.

Commander, Naval Air Forces Vice Adm. DeWolfe "Bullet" Miller III said, according to CBS News, that "she has joined a select group of people who earned Wings of Gold and answered the call to defend our nation from the air. The diversity of that group—with differences in background, skill and thought—makes us a stronger fighting force."

Photo Source: Twitter page of CBS News

Commander DeWolfe also described her as a "courageous trailblazer." Indeed she is. Congrats to Lt. Swegle. May she continue to break barriers as she progresses in her career--sound barriers and historic barriers, both.

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