This year, I think all parents should take "1st Day of School" pics with each kid sitting in front of their laptops, thumbs up.

Most parents have those "first day of school" pics that they love to take and post up on social media. I am no different. I have a daughter who is going into the fourth grade and every year, I have taken her pic before she walks into her new classroom each year. I have seen some wackadoodle first-day-of-school pics that parents have taken. My favorite one was when the mom was smiling big and her three kids were standing in front of her looking devastated that they had to go back to school. That photo cracked me UP!

While some schools are meeting in person despite the coronavirus running amok in these pandemic streets, my daughter is going to a school that is going all online for the first semester. That means she will be missing out on that wonderful (eyeball rolling) experience of me nagging her to "tilt your head to the side" and "put your backpack on and stick your hand on your hip", and so many of my other motherly (annoying) directional cues as I demand she stand still and pose for that memorable pic.

Here is the photo I took of Willow on her first day of school last year:

Courtesy Reesha on the Radio
Courtesy Reesha on the Radio

In the spirit of parental camaraderie, I think all parents should take a pic of their kids in front of the front door and then one in front of their laptop. And yes, make them stick their thumb up!

Good times, good times.

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