1. Con Air

This was Nicholas Cage in the 90's at his finest. An weird character that we can all root for and ends up saving the day. I remember seeing this at Hollywood Theaters in Tyler and about a third of the way through, the film burned. Saw it melt on screen. It was pretty cool. I never went back to finish it. It wasn't until it came out on VHS that got see the ending. It's a fun movie with a slew of actors we all know and like. I'll keep watching it.

2. Happy Gilmore

Some people will roll their eyes when you mention Adam Sandler. And for good reason. He's had a bad last 10 years or so movie wise. But you can't argue with his late nineties movies. The Waterboy, Billy Madison and Big Daddy could easily be on this list as rewatchable movies for me too. Happy Gilmore is funny, a lot of fun and I will sit down every time for those 90 minutes of silliness.

3. Enemy of the State

To me, this is an underrated movie. Gene Hackman and Will Smith are great together. This is a whole "the government is always watching us" movie from the late nineties. It makes it scarily relatable to what we face in today's society. I remembering when I saw this movie for the first time, I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. It's just a good buddies that shouldn't be buddies movie with a spy twist to it.

4. National Treasure

Indiana Jones has had so many influences on so many movies. It's a formula of find a riddle, solve the puzzle, find the artifact, discover the missing piece that always works. National Treasure is, to me, a worthy successor to Indiana Jones, just with Nicholas Cage. It is still an exciting moment when he says "I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence." Plus, it's a great movie to sit down with the whole family and have some fun with on the couch.

5. The Fifth Element

So this one could be a bit nerdy for some but I don't care. Bruce Willis as Die Hard in space. Milla Jovovich as the heroine. Gary Oldman as the bad guy. Chris Tucker as an over the top radio host. So good and so fun. Check it out if you've never seen it.

I hope you enjoyed this list and hope you might check out these movies if haven't scene them. I'd love to hear what movies you could watch over and over in the comments below.

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