The Reading Festival must have been quite the meeting of the minds because Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine and Harry Styles of One Direction hit it off in such a major way, that Welch has invited Styles to sing work with her anytime he wants!

Styles was busy hanging out backstage at the festival, where he watched Florence + the Machine give a rousing performance of 1D’s hit song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ — and it was like Florence’s little gift to her new muse.

“Flo sang ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ as her warm-up song in tribute to him,” said a source. “She told him if he ever wanted to sing backing vocals with the band on stage, he was more than welcome.”

But the lead singer isn’t the only fan of Styles. Welch’s bandmates, guitarist Rob Ackroyd and drummer Chris Hayden, were joined by Styles backstage before their set and were so impressed with him, that they planted kisses on either of his cheeks, leaving Styles looking a little… shocked.

Watch the One Direction, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ Video

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