I know we are in the middle of Summer, but as we get closer to heading back to school, this thought becomes more and more relevant. 'Do schools kill creativity?'

During the latter years of my formal education, I began to give this a great deal of thought. There were educators who talked often about teaching for tests. Standardized testing is the way that most systems sift through what has been learned and what hasn't, which has led to this process.

Recently, I've been on a personal journey to further my education independently as we have a multitude of sources available to us at our fingers tips. Whether you utilize your desktop computer, laptop, tablet of smart phone you have infinite possibilities to learn.

After exploring some success training, I stumbled onto this TED Talk from Sir Ken Robinon and believed it was worth sharing and opening a conversation. So watch and respond. Robinson contends that creativity is as important as literacy.

In his speech he references a book that he is working on called 'Epiphany,' that eventually became another title. You'll find now as, 'The Element - How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.'

I'm curious, what are your thoughts on his ideas initially presented this at a TED talk in February of 2006? Is it still relevant today?

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