Bone fragments were discovered on June 29, 2021 by Killeen homicide investigators and the Team Texas K9 Unit in the same location where Gregory Morales' body was found. The fragments have been sent off for forensic testing.

It's been a year since the remains of Gregory Morales were discovered, but are we any closer to finding out the circumstances of his death?

Gregory Morales was initially reported as AWOL (Absent Without Leave) by Fort Hood officials in August 2019. Morales' family however knew that he wouldn't have just disappeared on his own, and pleaded with the community to help find the missing soldier. Morales was set to leave the military in September, and some internet sleuths believe he might have known secrets about Fort Hood that others didn't want getting out.

In June 2020, while investigators were searching for the body of fellow Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen, a tip was received that led to Morales' remains in a wooded field in the 3200 block of Florence Road.

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According to a report from News West 9, Morales was last seen off base driving a recently purchased 2018 Kia Rio. A family member was able to track Morales' Kia and found the car abandoned in Dallas.

The Killeen Police Department is investigating Morales' death, and the most recent statement about Morales' case comes from last July, which read:

"The Killeen Police Department can confirm that foul play is suspected in the death of Private Gregory Morales. Since the investigation is ongoing, we are not going to release any other information at this time. When appropriate, we will release information as it becomes available."

Obviously we know that Morales did not bury himself, so the public has always suspect foul play. Plus his body was found in Killeen, but his car in Dallas? Something was definitely not right.

Despite suspicion of foul play, it took an online petition to change Morales' military status so that he could be honored and receive a military funeral.

Fort Hood officials released the following statement last July:

"We are staying in contact with PV2 Morales' family to ensure they have the latest information available as we try to bring closure to this case and to his Family. We also remain in contact with local law enforcement and will continue to provide updates as they become available. Based on the outcome of the investigation we will take appropriate administrative action."

Morales' mother, Kim Wedel, is still waiting for answers, and told KWTX that “the situation today is not a whole lot different than a year ago.” Wedel also stated that Army officials have ceased all contact with her regarding the case.

“They’ve moved on but I can’t. I need to know,” she said.

There're so many questions that remain unanswered. What will it take to find answers on Morales' death? When will someone come forward to speak the truth? Is Fort Hood hiding more secrets, and will more of our soldiers suffer the same fate as those before?

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