About once a week, we like to highlight a 'dumb crook of the week'. In actuality we could probably do one of these everyday, but we don't want to fill your news feed with a bunch of idiots. This one, I could not help though.

NBC-DFW reported Friday morning of a man who shot himself in the leg during an attempted burglary in Fort Worth.

According to the police report from Dallas News, police came across three men who broke into a truck on a residential driveway around 2:30 am in Fort Worth. When the owner came outside, it prompted the three men to run - that's when one of the suspects' handgun went off right into his upper leg.

The police caught the three men shortly after, according to NBC, and the man who shot himself is in stable condition at a local hospital.

Hey bud. Use the safety! Or better yet, earn your stuff rather than stealing it from someone who worked for it.

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