It is not often that I look in the "FREE" section on Tyler's Craigslist, but this morning, I came across this add for a free "Old small mobile with add on", and thought to myself, "Hmm, a free house? I might just be packing up my stuff and moving to Palestine!"

Mobile Home

The Craigslist post is at least 15 days old, and the owner states in the ad that he's tried several times to get rid of it, saying, "I just want it GONE!" It seems as though the owner has tried many times to get rid of this mobile home to no avail.

I have decided to pass on this free deal of a lifetime, so today could be YOUR lucky day to get a new house! Keep in mind, however, that you should "NOT expect the Hilton!" Ok, so they took out the toilet (F.Y.I.), and the roof is really "BAD", but the best part is, the owner offers to pay YOU just for taking this free mobile home! SCORE!

This thing is definitely a fixer-upper, but with a little love (and a lot of dough), you could soon be living the East Texas high life in your cozy new (to you) toilet-free bungalow hideaway. Picture this: you'll have your own place that comes complete with dramatic terrace views and its own stop sign--FOR FREE!

Word of caution: Before you get too excited about accepting any offers of any "free mobile home," it would behoove you to contact a title company and verify if the "seller" has full ownership of the home's deed, and find out if there are any liens on the home/property. If you fail to do this, you could be forced to jump through some hoops at the county assessor's office and possibly come face to face with some creditors!

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