As of this moment, the closest Fuddruckers - you know, 'Home of the World's Greatest Hamburgers" - is a lengthy 78-mile drive to Rockwall. I like their burgers and all, but I ain't driving more than 30 minutes to get me some grub.

Well it looks like Tyler will be home to the newest Fuddruckers this fall!

According to KLTV, there is a new shopping center under development on University Boulevard across from the UT Tyler campus. The San Antonio-based (now headquartered in Houston) casual dining chain is excited to feed the hungry people of Tyler.

The new shopping center, deemed Patriot Corner, will be about 8,600 square feet with outdoor seating for the Fudd buds. While the building is expected to be completed in May, Fuddruckers says the restaurant won't be open for business until fall.

Other announced businesses for the Patriot Corner include a drive-thru donut shop and Cooley Cosmetic Family Dentistry. We'll keep you posted on what else is popping up out there.

By the way, you can get a free burger on your birthday at Fuddruckers if you sign up with their newsletter. You're welcome!

Maybe for their Grand Opening we'll have some sort of burger challenge. Lord knows I'll try and fail.

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