It's almost as if the State of Texas is promoting its custom license plate shop,, with just how bland the current design is. The "Texas Classic" design started in 2012 and is overdue for an upgrade.

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When the switch happened they put in visible security threads, so police can tell if the plate is genuine. The design is just black and white; so basic it would be pretty easy to fake.

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Before the current design, we were enjoying the "Lone Star Texas" plate. You can still see this colorful red, white, and blue design on older cars.

You Can Design Your Own Organization’s Custom Texas Plate

There are many custom plate designs available, but they are pricey. You can get the Mighty Fine Burgers plate for 5 years at $450 or for only a year priced at $150.

There are tons of designs for everything from military service to sports teams. What can you do if you don't find something that tickles your fancy?

Any non-profit organization can apply for a specialty license plate. The best part of it being approved is that the plate profits go to the organization.

Custom Plates Without Special Messages In Texas

I opted for a specialty plate for one of my vehicles, but with no particular message. That is a more cost-effective way of getting something different for your vehicle without breaking the bank.

You pick the background, and they pick the numbers and letters. This is currently only $175 for five years or $50 for one year.

They even have the now almost classic Texas 2000 plate, so you can keep colorful plates from the recent past on your ride. Check out some of them in the gallery below.

Get Plates Your Way In Texas

There are tons of designs to pick from at Here is just a few, some are even available.

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