It's funny how when you commit to getting back in shape, or losing a few pounds you're almost immediately hit with stumbling blocks. Shortly after I got started, several things happened to impede my progress.

What could prevent me from walking with my friend? Several things. There was something in my way every day last week. My routine was entirely wrecked, and then I found out it would be from then on. Other commitments have forced me to rethink my strategy.

So, Sunday afternoon I hatched a new plan. I reformatted the workout, and plan to now get up earlier and get my walk/run in before work. I will unfortunately lose my walking buddy with this plan, but it cannot be avoided.

Now, the goal is to stay motivated individually and committed to progress. I want to slim down to get back into jeans that I haven't worn in about five years. Currently I'm using the Nike+ app to track my progress on my iphone. Today I did 1.78 miles in 27 minutes.

The goal tomorrow to do at least 30 minutes and two miles.

Do you have a fitness plan?