Do ghosts live in Texas? That's a question we've been asked many times & while some people will disagree, there are some videos that are hard to disagree with. One in particular comes from Dallas, Texas. It's not every day where you might hear some weird noises inside a hospital after hours but according to one video posted online, that's exactly what happened at a hospital in Dallas...

You can see (or rather) hear the ghostly figure laugh found in Texas for yourself.

A user on TikTok named "layydeevee" posted a video of her working the late shift at a Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Dallas, Texas. While most of her videos show her cruising around Texas or with her family, one video shows her and a couple of coworkers capturing what sounds like either giggling and opening doors inside various hospital rooms.

You can check out the video and see if you hear anything strange...

Now even though the video was originally posted in September of 2023, the video had a bit of a resurgence after appearing on a video from the popular ghost videos YouTube channel, Bizarrebub. You can find that very same clip at the end of his "Scary Comp. V90" video; it was the #1 clip at the end.

Of course this hasn't been the only time where a hospital in Texas was visited by ghosts; people who know the Yorktown Memorial Hospital is a...frequent stop of any paranormal visitors.

After watching the Dallas video, while it was a little hard hearing the laughter, the door opening on its own DEFINITELY makes me think that something might be lurking about. Until we see anything else, the truth will continue to elude us...

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