For nearly two decades its been the go-to site for everything music, TV and podcast related and soon iTunes will be broken up into three new apps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced yesterday (Monday, June 3rd) during a conference that iTunes will soon be replaced with three separate apps in an effort to streamline, simplify and improve the Mac users experience while discovering and enjoying music from their favorite artists, TV shows, podcasts and movies.

Don't worry, we will still be able to purchase our favorite songs, TV shows and listen to podcasts through these new apps, Apple is making a change because the iTunes business model no longer fits with how consumers are using the product. Apple is looking more towards subscription based services with Apple Music to generate more revenue instead of waiting on consumers to purchase individual songs. reports, The Apple Music app is focused on music and personalized recommendations, the Podcasts app lets you search with the help of machine learning and the TV app will blend content from networks such as HBO and Showtime, along with original programming from Apple."

With the upcoming release of the macOS Catalina (launch date still to be revealed), that is when Mac users will start noticing the change with the three dedicated apps: Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcasts.

Those users with iPhones that still access the iTunes Store app to purchase and download music, movies and TV shows you will still have access to this app in addition to using the Apple TV app.

When it comes to Windows users there will not be any changes in how iTunes is used.

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