As our parents and loved ones get older, we tend to avoid a very important discussion that needs to be had with them: How do you want to get taken care of when you're older? This conversation is seriously lacking especially in minority communities where a lack of resources and finances can make this decision and discussion a troubling one for many families. Thankfully, a new resource is coming that can help families dealing with this tough decision, an easier one to deal with.

Shronica Holmes Is The Owner-Director Of Care Coordination At The Rose Residential Care Home For Seniors In Tyler.


As the owner of The Rose Residential Care Home In Tyler TX, Shronica Holmes has been committed to helping seniors age in place whether in their own home or in one of her residential communities. She has over 12 years of Geriatric Case Manager experience in working with older adults with one of the largest non-profits in Houston Texas and with that experience, she opened up the first location in March of 2020 and is now proudly serving East Texas with 2 locations.

Shronica has an undergraduate degree in Social Work and Business from Texas College and a Master's in Business Administration from Prairie View A&M. Her mission is to decrease loneliness and isolation among seniors and create an environment where they are socially and mentally involved in their own care. The Rose Residential Care
Home was named Best of the Best in 2020 for East Texas and is proudly recognized for its care throughout East Texas.

Thanks To Her Experience, She's Releasing A New E-Book Called "Don't Put Me In A Nursing Home".

Toyia Thrives
Toyia Thrives

Based on her experience running The Rose Residential Care Home, which is a group home for the elderly who can no longer live on their own with 24hr support. Holmes believes that if seniors are allowed to age in place at home or in a space that they are comfortable in, it can help lead them to healthier and longer outcomes as opposed to sticking them into a nursing home where most seniors slowly die. Holmes says that the purpose of the e-book is to help family caregivers with relief by giving them the tools and resources to help ease the burden of some of the challenges of being a family caregiver and to share tips and give you options for keeping your loved one at home.

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Be on the lookout for "Don't Put Me In A Nursing Home" soon and please have this discussion with your loved ones sooner rather than later.

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