It's obvious that some of us will never become a world class athlete, or make it to the Olympics. If I'm being honest I can't even run a mile, so that dream is crushed. Luckily, Google is giving people like you and me the chance to become a world class hurdler. Well, kind of.

Google has been supporting the Olympic Games by having a different doodle each day. Today they are giving users the chance to use an interactive doodle which allows them to become the hurdler in the doodle. The user has to use the left and right arrows, as well as the space bar to make the character move.

The object is to have the hurdler successfully jump over 10 hurdles in a productive time. The goal is to win the sites three gold coins. Failing to jump over any of the 10 digital hurdles on Google's homepage will slow your digital runner to a crawl, and end your hopes of a three-star finish. But, unlike competing in the Olympics, you can try as many times as you wish.