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What the hell is wrong with people? You would think that since the holidays are behind us we'd be hearing less about porch pirates, apparently, that's not the case in Longview. There still seems to be an issue with porch pirates and them taking off with delivered groceries. Several residents are now reporting through a social media group that their delivered groceries have been stolen from their front door.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that isn't going to go away anytime soon. It's just something we have to accept and be vigilant about when we have something delivered to our house. With Walmart delivery, in most cases, the grocery deliveries that other posters are commenting about seem to be receiving their order with no issues, but there are a few cases popping up now mentioning when the homeowner arrives to take in their groceries, their full delivered order is gone or parts of the order are missing.

Although a picture was sent to the customer showing the groceries had been delivered, someone has swooped in after the delivery guy and made off with someone's ingredients for lasagna, beef tenderloin, and stir fry rice. Now, these customers are turning back to Walmart for help because they did not receive the order that they placed. It's not clear where this is happening in Longview, as the commentators have not mentioned a location, but it's happened several times, according to the online postings.

Seeing how I've never placed an order to be delivered by Walmart, I'm not sure if it is actually Walmart or a third-party vendor delivering the groceries, but one thing is for sure, I'm pretty sure the cost of my groceries are going up in order to help Walmart replace those groceries that were stolen by the grocery robbers. I know Walmart wants to do the right thing, so they'll most likely replace the order at their expense, but in the end, it's going to cost everyone else though.

Comments from this post have offered the initial poster several different alternatives to having their groceries delivered in hopes of them not being stolen, suggestions such as:

  • be home when the order is scheduled to be delivered
  • order via at store pick-up and pick them up themself
  • order via at store pick-up and have a friend pick them up
  • shop the actual grocery store in person

In any case, if you're going to have anything delivered, it's a good idea to know when something arrives and to be home when it gets delivered so that if there are any issues it can be dealt with right away. Or have a failsafe secure delivery location on-site so that you can enjoy that lasagna, beef tenderloin and stir fry rice.

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